About Us

Foundation Asset Management, founded in 2006 and regulated by the SFC, is a mid-sized Greater China focused asset management firm with a team of 11 people with an average 20 years of experience.

Our China Fund is one of the very few China funds with over 10 years track record and strong 2008 performance. It has won “Best China Fund” nominations and awards by AsiaHedge, HFM, BarclayHedge, Bloomberg, Hedge Fund Awards and Investors Choice Awards.

Our investment philosophy will be one of value investing. All portfolios are aimed for long-biased, equity-focused, and absolute return. We have and will continue to aim to deliver net return of 10-20% p.a. to our investors.



我們的邦德大中華機遇基金是少數幾隻有連續10年以上業績並在2008年全球金融風暴中表現優異的基金之一。其多次榮獲 『最佳中國基金』獎項及提名: AsiaHedge 、HFM 、BarclayHedge 、Bloomberg 、Hedge Fund Awards 、Investors Choice Awards 。


Awards & Nominations

3 Consecutive Years Nominated Best Greater China Fund

Ranked No.3 In Asia Emerging Markets for Jan2017

Most Outstanding Asia Focused Fund 2016

Best Single Manager - China
Cayman Islands Equity Focused Hedge Fund of The Year

2 Consecutive Years Nominated Best China Fund

Ranked No.2 in China Funds 2012

Independent Asset Manager of the Year

Nominated Best Long Term Performance - China Equity Fund

Media Spotlight

Cover Story on Mingpao Money Monday

Mar 2017 -  Michael Liang, Chief Investment Officer of Foundation Asset Management HK, featured in the cover story of Mingpao Money Monday 90th issue on 20 March 2017.

2017年3月 - 《明報財經》封面故事專訪今年最佳中國對沖基金經理 梁江:中美或破冰 港股度蜜月
全文刊於明報財經投資週刊2017年3月20日第90期 (明報記者 葉創成)




CNN Interviews Michael Liang: Asian Market hit by China Volatility

January 2016 - Michael Liang, Chief Investment Officer of Foundation Asset Management HK, mentioned his recent views during CNN TV’s live interview on 7th January. Liang saw that the new circuit breakers and Renminbi movements might have caught market’s attention recently. However, he believed that the government should focus on the Chinese economy and market valuation, which are real ingredients for market routs, as some small companies listed on Shanghai and Shenzhen are trading at 50 times price to earnings.

2016年1月 - 梁江(首席投資主管-香港邦德資產管理)在1月7日接受美國有線電視新聞網CNN直播訪問,分享了對股市的一些看法。梁江形容近期縱使中國股市焦點難免集中在熔斷機制,或人民幣匯率走勢反復上,但認為政府應該專注在實體經濟和市場估值,如何使中國經濟軟著陸,如何讓一些在上海和深圳上市的市盈率高達50倍的中小型股票市盈率回歸理性,因為這些因素會更直接造成市場動盪。

Liang on CNN Live Interview

September 2015 - Michael Liang, Chief Investment Officer of Foundation Asset Management HK, was featured on CNN TV’s live interview. Michael explained that the mixed signals from the Chinese government. Chinese government has to send a loud signal to the market, and also has to do more on both fiscal and monetary front. The second or third derivatives of potential upcoming government policy, which relies on upcoming economic data figures, will be crucial to the stock market.

2015年9月 - 梁江(首席投資主管-香港邦德資產管理)接受美國有線電視新聞網CNN直播訪問,談及最近金融市場看到的信號混亂。梁江認為現時討論後市方向言之尚早,仍有待人民幣貶值後的更多經濟數據公布,政府亦應從財政和貨幣政策方面出手。

Liang speaks on Bloomberg TV

April 2014 - Michael Liang, the chief investment officer at Foundation Asset Management (HK) Ltd., talks about China's plan to connect the stock exchanges of Hong Kong and Shanghai. Liang speaks with Angie Lau on Bloomberg Television's "First Up."
2014年4月 - 首席投資主管梁江先生接受彭博電視 Angie Lau 訪問,節目提及有關於中國正計劃連接上海及香港交易所,兩地市場會“水漲船高”。