About Us

Foundation Asset Management, founded in 2006 and regulated by the SFC, is a mid-sized Greater China focused asset management firm with a team of 11 people with an average 20 years of experience.

Our China Fund is one of the very few China funds with over 10 years track record and strong 2008 performance. It has won “Best China Fund” nominations and awards by AsiaHedge, HFM, BarclayHedge, Bloomberg, Hedge Fund Awards and Investors Choice Awards.

Our investment philosophy will be one of value investing. All portfolios are aimed for long-biased, equity-focused, and absolute return. We have and will continue to aim to deliver net return of 10-20% p.a. to our investors.



我們的邦德大中華機遇基金是少數幾隻有連續10年以上業績並在2008年全球金融風暴中表現優異的基金之一。其多次榮獲 『最佳中國基金』獎項及提名: AsiaHedge 、HFM 、BarclayHedge 、Bloomberg 、Hedge Fund Awards 、Investors Choice Awards


Michael Liang, Chief Investment Officer

Michael Liang photoMr. Michael Liang, age 48, founded Foundation Asset Management in 2006 with two institutional partners. He has been the firm’s CIO from the start, and he is also in charge of the firm’s business and corporate activities. Under him, Foundation Asset Management AUM have reached about US$200 million as at 30 September 2016, building up a global client base. In the process, Mr. Liang transformed Foundation Asset Management from a start-up boutique firm into a full-fledged, mid-sized asset management firm. The firm’s flagship fund Foundation China Opportunity Fund received nomination by HFM Awards Asia for 3 consecutive years as “Best Greater China Fund” in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and also nominated by AsiaHedge Awards for 2 consecutive years as “Best China Fund” in 2013 and 2014.

As one of the pioneers in creatively applying value investing to regional markets, he regularly presents at media and conferences, including CNN, Bloomberg TV, AsianInvestor and HK’s most popular financial journal Economic Digest and Ming Pao, sharing his view on the economy, markets, investment strategy and ideas. Prior to Foundation Asset Management, Mr. Liang’s career in finance started with Macquarie Bank in Australia in 1993 as an investment analyst, and then held various senior positions of major financial institutions responsible for securities broking and research. He has an MBA degree from Peking University, a degree in Economics from Renmin University of China and Wollongong University in Australia, and he is also a CFA. r financial journal Economic Digest. He has an MBA degree from Peking University, a degree in Economics from Wollongong University in Australia, and a CFA.


梁江先生,48歲,於2006年與兩家機構投資者創辦邦德資產管理。他從開始一直擔任公司的投資總監,並兼管公司的業務及企業活動。在其領導下,梁先生將邦德由一家處於初始階段的小型公司轉變為一家標准中型資產管理公司,並在全球范圍建立客戶網。於2013,2014及2015年,旗艦基金邦德大中華機遇基金榮獲HFM亞洲連續三年提名「最佳中國基金」,亦在 2013 和 2014 年度連續兩年榮獲AsiaHedge提名「最佳中國基金」。


Albert Tang, Chief Financial Officer

Michael Liang photoAlbert has a degree from University of Windsor, Canada. Previously he was a Director of DBS Vickers (Hong Kong) Limited and Sun Hung Kai Securities Limited, and Executive Director of UOBKH in Hong Kong. He has 25 years of operational and management experience in finance industry, and well respected by the industry participants as a business development manager.


曾經是大華繼顯,星展唯高達,新鴻基證券香港及倫敦兩地的執行董事,有超過 25 年在亞洲的財務和管理方面的經驗,鄧先生在業内擁有很高知名度。他擁有加拿大溫莎大學學位。

Kenneth Yeung, Chief Operating Officer

Michael Liang photoKenneth attained a Diploma in Management for Executive Development from Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was an Operations Director at DBS Vickers (Hong Kong) Limited responsible for nominees, settlements, accounts, futures and client services. Prior to joining DBS Vickers, he worked at Citibank Hong Kong in charge of various departments. He has over 30 years of operational experience in finance industries.


曾經是星展唯高達和花旗銀行的營運主管,有超過 32 年在亞洲金融行業的營運經驗。楊先生擁有香港中文大學管理文憑。

James Morton, Non-executive Director

Mr. Morton, is the founder and the Chief Investment Officer of CIM Investment Management Limited (which presently has assets under management of approximately US$2.3 billion and is regulated by United Kingdom FSA) and is an adviser to Cundill Investment Research. He has over 30 yearsˇ investment experience and was an Investment Director of European American Securities Inc and Managing Director of Chelverton Investment Management Limited in New York and London. He has an MBA from Stanford Business School, United States and a first class honors degree in law from Cambridge University, United Kingdom. Mr. Morton is also editor of the London Financial Times "Global Guide to Investing".

James Morton 非執行董事